Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chime In - Pretty Please?

I'm looking for a sofa and need some feedback on which would be good for the living room. I have three choices that I'm looking at now, which is subject to change because I have the attention span of a gnat and love something else tomorrow.

I would like something that says, "Hi, I'm Fabulous, nice to meet you. Welcome to my home"... because you know furniture can talk. teeeheee

So here are my choices. They are all vintage.

Per description, it's a Colonial style sofa with Mahogany edges. I would have to reupholster but I don't mind, especially since I may be able to do it myself. Yea me!
Price $225.00
Per description, Beautiful Antique Sofa. Camel-y color, velvet fabric.
Price $200.00 but open to negotiation.

Per description, Mid Century Hollywood Regency Silk Sofa. Off white silk shantung. Four claw type fee in front, two in the back. Perfect condition.
Price $1200.00 but open to negotiation and Lay-Away. Yup.. I convinced the seller to sell it to me on Lay-Away.

Another photo of same sofa.
Could I mix either of these styles? I kinda like the second one with both of the other sofas.. looks kinda cute.

Living room - Imagine painted in BM Silver Fox
Ideally, I'd like to have a few seating areas, sofa in front of the window, a bench, daybed-y, settee type seating at the entrance of the room and two arm chairs facing said bench, daybed-y settee type thing.

I want a layered look like the ones I drool over in the shelter mags and my fav design/decor blogs.

The piano will more than likely go in that far left corner. Also, I would like to have a console table or buffet or highboy type thing on the wall on the right. You know, to create some vignette and hang some art work and/or mirrors.

Oh and I would like an area rug, some side tables, some shiny things, art, etc, etc..  =)

Ok, I could ramble on and on... I would love to hear your thoughts. If you don't like any, please feel free to make suggestions.


German said...
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Kelly De Luca said...

I would go with #2, if not #1 but I would paint the frame white. They are great finds! Don't wait too long, you don't want the seller to sell to someone else.

CASABrasi said...

I think you should go with Option 1. You are going to reuphoster yourself and it already starts out with a price that's good on the budget. It also most resembles the 3rd piece which you must be interested in if you want to put it on lay-a-way. Just my two. Good luck!!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I like 2 and 3 looks cool too! I think they both could look FAB with the reupholster.