Saturday, November 20, 2010

Color Me Bad

I have to pick paint colors for the interior and it is FREAKING. ME. OUT. See, being an apartment dweller and living with the bland off white, flat paint for soooooo many years, I have never really given any thought to painting walls actual colors. Now charged with the task of doing so, by MONDAY, is giving me a mild case of the hives.

My saving grace has been the multitude of decor blogs that I frequent as well as fashion and shelter mags, which has given me a direction in which I wanna go but that's it. Silvery gray walls for most of the interior, with a dose of purple-y and yellow-y and cream-y. Like my Traditional Home inspiration photos:

The image that started it all.

So fabulous..

This image is SOOOO much better in the magazine. You can see the creamy soft yellow, the touch of purple and the grays wonderfully in person, I mean the mag.

Le Sigh

What I thought was very helpful, before going to the paint store was this magazine:

I was like, "Yeah, I found my colors, I'm good to go".
Wrong. So wrong.

Today, the Husband and I went to the paint store and I was immediately overwhelmed. So many choices.. tones, variations.. ugh.. I feel the hives creeping up just as I type this.

After awhile, we settled on BM's Dior Gray, Silver Half Dollar and Gray Owl as options for overall interior color.

I wanted a different color for the dining room as it doesn't get as much light as the front of house.. so I chose BM Lavender Mist and Spring Iris as per House Beautiful's suggestion for a light purple mixed with gray. My thinking was it would be great for color flow.

Then, lastly for the bedrooms, I wanted a creamy, yellow-esque, neutral. So, I again consulted House Beautiful and selected BM's Man on the Moon.

As we looked at them in the store, we were pleased with our selections and went over to get samples. No samples.. in ANY of the colors we chose. Ugh! Hives. Very itchy. Mild headache behind eyes creeping up too.

We left the paint store and went over to the house. I felt confident with the feel of the colors I want but not those particular shades, if that makes sense. So it's back to the drawing board.

After trolling the interwebs, I found other colors that I think could work well for the overall interior. BM's Silver Fox, Horizon, Revere Pewter, Stonington Grey, Balboa Mist and Pigeon Gray. Anyone have any suggestions? Opinions? Advice?

I'm searching for my perfect gray.

Sorry, not sure where I sourced images..


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Grey/Gray is a great color. However, when I pick colors for a home I always take into consideration when the house was built as well.

Kate said...

I currently have samples of BM Grey Owl and Revere Pewter for my living/dining rooms. What did you choose? I have picked a lot of wall colors in the past but this grey/gray/greige choice is killlllling me!