Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Do You Think?

I'm currently looking into seating options for the house. The renovations are coming along nicely and we think we will be ready to move in January. Right now, I'm attempting to sell all of the furniture that won't be traveling with us so I'll have extra money for all of my Craigslist and estate sale finds. Click link if you're curious.. I'm thinking I will lower the price for the set and also do seperate posts for each piece.

Anywhoo.. I have been looking for seating for the living room that flow well since the room is so open to the foyer. I think I'm leaning towards a bench, day bed, sorta thing for the entrance to the living room. Here's my loose inspirations:


They have a more modern feel but this is the gist. I love the idea of the bench because you can sit on either side and it doesn't hinder the flow of the space, especially if you don't have a wall to anchor it. Great, right?

So, here's a photo of my living room to illustrate my decor quandry:

Please excuse the paint color..still working on that.

It's spacious but a little longer as opposed to wide and has a fireplace angled the corner. It presents a challenge for making it the focal point of the room and placing furniture accordingly. Then there's the big window.. or is that the focal point?  Oh and the other thing.. the baby grand piano must reside in this space too. I'm thinking in the opposite corner of the fireplace.
See? Quandry!

So, here is a fab daybed-y seating option that I found and LOVE for the non-wall space in the forefront of the photo.

I love it because it has character and is unique. The big rolled arms beckons one to lounge and stay a while.
 I adore the color (it's camel) and the shape...while not a fan of the wood trim, I can live with it or change it, via stain or paint. Probably will go with the latter.

I'm thinking a great bunch of down-filled throw pillows and a great area rug underfoot and we're on our way to a fab living room.

What do you think?

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