Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Leak???

Seriously, I think I'm gonna lose it. Too much pressure, not enough release. I know that life will give you plenty of lemons and I'm supposed to make lemonade but right now, I need that lemonade topped off with some vodka. And I don't even drink vodka.

It's been a trying week and it's not even over yet. *sigh*

And to top off a horrible week, a FREAKIN' LEAK IN THE ROOF THAT HAS RUINED ONE OF MY WALLS!! What in the hell? We spend sooooooo much money on fixing all that ailed this house before we moved in. I thought we were good.. the house and I... with the exception of painting and adding furniture, we should have been golden. But NO, that would have been too easy..

I wish I could release my frustration and anger like children do in supermarkets.. with a monster tantrum.. kicking and screaming and snot.. the whole nine. But alas, I'm an adult and must deal..

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