Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

Have you ever heard a song that instantly transports you to another time in your life? A soundtrack of your life then, if you will? Well, the following songs do just that for me.

"Show Me" by the Cover Girls... OMG!!! I thought I was the 4th member of this group. I was hooked by the video.. the clothes, the makeup, the hair.. the glamour of it all. I think that's when I started to sneak and wear eyeliner and Wet 'n Wild lipstick in #521A.

My mom didn't buy me mini skirts, so of course, I had to sneak those too, from my girlfriends.. and mimic the outfit that the lead singer Angel wore in this video. Ahhh, to be 14 again.

And this other song, was by Starpoint called "Object of my Desire"... LOVED. THIS. SONG!!  This song spoke to my young self... when I was having secret crushes on boys. Although, I blush now as I listen to the lyrics.. I now know why my mom would NOT want me singing this song with the fervor in which I belted it out everytime it came on radio. My older self truly enjoys a chuckle at the antics of younger me.

Oh and anything by Salt 'n Pepa.... forget about it!! *dances to "Push It"*

I wonder if I can talk my best friend into dressing up as Salt n Pepa with me for Halloween?

What song(s) were part of your soundtrack when you were a young teen?


anita said...

Wow -- these totally took me back!!
(although I was a tad bit older than 14!!) I remember belting these out driving down the road with my girlfriends.
Love Salt & Pepa!

Bring Pretty Back said...

Motley Crew takes me back to the time I just met my boyfriend- now hubby! Great memories!
ALso - 99 red balloons really takes me bak too... ahhhh .... nostalgia...
Have a pretty day!