Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the guests wore white too

I have talked to many a bride that would absolutely *die* (their words, not mine) if one of their guests wore white to their wedding. Not until my Treasure put my yellow diamond stunner on my finger (still over the moon over that), did I ever wonder about this alleged faux pas. Now with all the fabulous details I've carefully crafted for our nuptuals, it never occured to me to wonder what our guests would wear. I've told everyone that would listen that it is a Black Tie affair. Think Cary Grant suave, Veronica Lake sexy. So I figure ok, adults are able to make that decision, no problemo.

I was expecting tuxes and a myriad of colored biggie, right? Wrong! Am I crazy..but I now want all the ladies to wear white or cream.. To me, it sounds decadant but probably more appealing to me, is that it wouldn't be traditional and we all know my take on "traditional". Or.. stay with me now.. have all the woman wear a shade of PINK!!! It would be a dream as my wedding colors are black and white, with a little bling (that's a color) and fushia. Every wedding mag editor will be clamouring for these's my fantasy anyway.

Isn't this look fun!

Sidebar: Don't you just LOVE this bout!!

This lovely event was produced by White Lilac. Visit them for chic inspiration.
The captivating photos taken by Kusha Alagband. Check out her site, it's filled with the most stunning photos. Every shot is magazine worthy!

Julie Hill from famed Elysium Productions has provided this for your viewing pleasure. The actual Arthouse Edit of this FAB WHITE WEDDING!!


Julie Hill said...

I love this blog! And it's so funny because I was looking at those photos saying... we shot a wedding that looked identical to this... OMG.. it IS the event we filmed! Here's the link to it...

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Julie!! Thanks for stopping by. OMG!!! That video was amazing. I got chills watching it. You guys have totally won me over, never seen a wedding video that I wanna watch at least once a day.

perfect bound said...

I would outfit every guest in complimentary colors if I could. Alas, let go!

Aricka said...

TLC member Tionne Watkins (T-Boz of TLC), the singer had a wedding in CA where the guests all wore white and it was so stunning I remember it long after the marriage which has since ended.

P.S. I love this... said...


I have go google that wedding.. I totally forgot about that.