Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashing.... Lights....

I just love that song by Kanye! Which gave me the idea for today's pondering.. photography. As I plan THE soiree of all soirees that'll probably plan in my lifetime, I want to ensure that it's captured in a stunning, artistic, fashion-y way. So my hunt for the perfect photographer trudges on. It's been quite interesting, trying to find what style appeals to me most. I really love the shooters that think outside the box, the ones whom view the wedding as a editorial and capture it as if shooting for Grace Ormond, rather than Modern Bride. Although nothing is wrong with Modern Bride, it's just different.

I found this photographer last night, while trolling the 'net. She knocked my cashmere socks off. She is FAB-O-LICIOUS!! Even her name is fab - Jasmine Star.

The kicker is that she shot this wedding, actually it's a "Day After" shoot, (totally in love with that concept) after only one year of shooting weddings!!! That Jasmine Star has an impressive learning curve. You go!

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jessica said...

I agree this is impressive work. the only thing i would say, for you personally, is that, well, you love each other, right? dont you want to look like it in the photos? these photos are mag quality fantastic but they dont say wedding to me (only the dress). why arent they smiling, or kissing or doing anything that a just married couple would do?! still, i love the saturation she does. and i guess glasses are a good idea for the day after shot too :)

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for stopping by! I was so tickled by your comment. I guess my being taken aback by the wonderful work, the saturation, the location, the fashion editoral feel of it, that I may have alluded that this is of most importance..but by no means is it. I'm sure whichever shooter we choose will have a time of getting a photo of us not kissing and doing all that lovers do. (within reason in front our guest) =)

Congrats on your engagement!!