Thursday, February 21, 2008

Move over Grace

There's a new girl in town, from out of town, named WedLuxe. She's ultra fabulous with a capital "F".

Would you look at that cover!!! This magazine, which hails from Canada, is so yummy, I can barely stand it!! It just pulls you in with the cover and keeps you enthralled and at the end of your seat, til it's done. And like good "Sex and The City", keeps you coming back from more. What's even more divine, is that they have a treat called WedLuxe Presents "HD Online". I often return to these 'behind the scenes' vignettes to get my fix, while a new issue is being dutifully created. Even more awesome-er (yup, my word) is that the beyond talented and exclusive filmcrew that produce those vignettes, are also available for your nuptuals. They are considered one of the TOP 25 wedding videographers in the WORLD. Impressive. And if that's not enough to add them to your "Must Have" vendor list, the partner and co-founder is none other than the Editor-In-Chief, Angela Desveaux. Where's my fainting couch?

My favorite trailers are Modern Starlet, great inspiration for all you girls going for glamour for your wedding and Let Them Eat Cake, this is WedLuxe's take on throwing your own shower.

What's really intriguing to me is seeing all the behind the scenes action that it takes to bring a high fashion, high impact wedding magazine to your favorite bookstore, newstand or mailbox. I also adore the perspective; so fresh, so modern, so fashion, so FABULOUS! I tear into this publication just like I do my Vogue and that's serious business.

I'm captivated by WedLuxe.
She's my new BFF.

The photographer for this layout is Jeux De Rox. Check out his website, he's a genius. The texture you see in the photos are of his own creation. You can buy these textures and give your own photos the Jeux De Rox, piece de resistance.

[fainting couch - www.juniperimages]

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elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

simply fantastic! all of these photos are amazing.