Friday, February 29, 2008

Would you rock this frock?

My Mom always says "everything that's old, is new again". Never really paid much attention as I rummaged through her vintage oversize clutches,wideleg jeans and pants, safari jackets..and, well you get the picture. It's great stuff and still totally fashionably relevant.

Brides are following suit, either using their Mom's gown or visiting the co-signment or thrift shop, hoping to find "The One" or at least something to construct into the one. I can't tell you how many brides I know that have opted for a "vintage" or "old hollywood" gown or inspiration for their wedding (that would be moi). Bridal designers have taken heed, they have delved into the past and have created gowns that are stunning retro with a modern edge. I really love Jenny Packham. Her lovely creations scream "Hollywood Siren"

These are two looks that I absolutely love. Quite iconic indeed. Is it strange that they are on opposite ends of the spectrum and I would rock them BOTH!!??

Sidebar- How insane is it that Grace Kelly looks so chic and modern? It's like playing the game "Which one of these things don't belong here" or something like that.

Jenny Packham gown can be found here

Images of Bianca -

Images of Grace -

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glamourthis said...

So pretty. I love anything vintage.
By the way FYI, I emailed you ;)