Friday, February 15, 2008

What in the fushia loveliness!?!?

Vintage glamour, all the rage right now. Pencil skirts, smart cardigans, delicate bow blouses and stilettos...sounds like my daily donnings. It's always appropriate, timeless and classic; perfect attire to take me through a busy day in The City. I've always been drawn to the ladylike glamour of the 50's. Every woman looked perfect in her tailored frocks, complete with dainty hats and gloves. When I see photos of my aunts from back in the day, I always tell them they were the "bizness" and have taken my style cues from them.

So fast forward to today when I saw this lovely hat aka "chapeau":

It stopped me in web-surfing tracks! I stared blankly, in a 50's Fabulous trance, as the hat beckoned me to purchase it. So lovely is this chapeau..the vibrant fushia color, the sheer fierce chic-ness of this hat gave me daydreams of me wearing it, lounging casually across the bed, flipping through Chanel and Her World .




Anonymous said...

You really have an amazing eye for finding the most fabulous items! I can't wait to see what you find next.

PS.. I love your blog!

aly said...

oh my goodness! where can i get one?!