Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Venue Change.. Maybe

Ah this indecisiveness will be the death of me. I shared a while ago my dream venue.

I was in lust at first site. It had everything I wanted - it wasn't a hotel ballroom or a catering hall kinda place, was beautifully landscaped so we wouldn't have to spend tons on decor and well, really special. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. However, I've cheated and sought another place...but not intentionally, I was perusing Michelle Rago's blog and now I'm torn.

So here's the new place, that's absolutely stunning and totally unexpected in the most fabulous way.

This is the 620 Loft and Garden. I'm swooning over the rooftop ceremony space with it's immaculate garden and reflection pool. The view is outta this world. Then there's a loft space that's a blank canvas for the reception. It's totally chic. LOVES IT!!

And with this possible venue change, comes a myriad of other things.. don't get me started on my gown. That's another post.


style-ish said...

Oh my goodness. I LOVE this new venue. Both places are fab but I adore loft spaces and the ability to do whatever you want. That view! And the Rooftop Garden! I would love to just go and see this place in person.

Can I be a guest at your wedding? ;)

bridalwishlist said...

wow! i love it too. go for it!

étudiante said...

i recognize carinwood! i almost had my wedding there too - i'm glad you didn't - there are a couple weird things about that place!