Monday, May 26, 2008


This is another P.S. I Love This-ism that can only describe the fabulous photographer that I've just discovered. I couldn't say his work was eye candy.. because it's just too fabulous, too fashionable, too mesmerizing, just too everything.

As I was gazing through the site and admiring the wonderful images that dazzled my eyes, I could only sigh wistfully.. I sighed so much, Treasure thought I was trying to get his attention.

I've never been so captivated. I must have this photographer.. though I have yet to contact him.. his work screams big dollar signs. However, I know the photography is one thing you should really consider carefully and allot monies accordingly, so I may just have to bite the bullet. *did you catch how I'm trying to justify spending obscene amounts of money... this wedding planning.. it's the devil*

I introduce to you my new bff of photography:

I LOVE this photo!

This is the work of Michael Cook of Australia. Michael is one of only a handful of photographers worldwide who works both within fashion & also photographs weddings. Me likey!

Also, in 2007 he won the highest scoring print in the world for a Fashion Wedding Image and two first places at the WPPI, 2nd half awards in California. Impressive!

I love everything about Michael Cook's work. I had been looking for a photographer that not only had a photojournalistic approach but one that had a fashion editorial aesthetic as well as fine art. I feel this formula will give us a well rounded collection of images to capture the essence of our wedding day. I also like the mastery of his play with light and shadows, texture and photography special effects.

Now that I'm officially blown away by his work, let me get prepared to be blown away by his rates. YIKES!


Kathryn said...

Wow - really gorgeous! I can see why you might sell a kidney to have him.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Kathryn!

I know, right?!?! By the way.. need a kidney? I kid! =)