Thursday, May 8, 2008

Foodie Favor

Who doesn't love a food favor? Whether a truffle, homemade cookie or even a sampling from the candy buffet. These aren't exactly foods but rather calorie packing goodness but hey it's a wedding.

I had been pondering our favor or even if we will do one. I do have two options that I'm toying with. Instead of an open bar, we will have a "Pink Bar" which will include 3 signature drinks that are... well pink. Cute right? They will be two regular martinis and a one virgin martini. Have a martini flavor suggestion?? I'm all ears!

So I was thinking of having a mini cocktail shaker for the favor with a small nip of Grey Goose inside.

Then I thought of, instead of doing favors, to give our guest late night snack to take with them upon departure and munch on the way home. But what to do...what to do...?? Give them yummy, sweet, gourmet treats!!

The Expresso with Dulce De Leche

The Caramel and Chocolate Homemade Marshmallow

The Rose and Blackpepper Thumbprint Cookies

Cute packaging!

Mini Coconut Five Spice Macaroons

Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookies

That drool and hunger pang you've just felt, is provided by a new bakery, Whimsy & Spice. This husband and wife team, out of Brooklyn, are new and fabulous! They already have a buzz so I need to make my desision quick before the prices go up.


style-ish said...

The Pink bar sounds awesome! I suggest a strawberry martini made with strawberry puree. I just had one of those and they are delish!

I do love food favors. I would do anything for those brownies right about now.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hahaha Style-ish you're too funny. That strawberry martini sounds perfect and delish, thanks!