Saturday, May 24, 2008


Brides often ask me what is the best way to take their wedding look from 0 to 60, while keeping a natural look. While "natural" is subjective, my response is always to add lashes. Whether you decide to do a full strip or a few individuals on the outer corners, it's quite impactful in a subtle way.

Usually with a perfected complexion, with the aid of a little foundation, maybe concealer and a few swipes of powder... your new lashes and a little shimmery gloss will do the trick.

Photo: Girlie Girl Army

See how marvelous she looks when all that really changed from her natural look was, the lashes. Now, clearly this isn't the "few individual lashes added to the corners", look, but you get my point. Her eyes look wonderfully glamourous.

This particular look was achieved with eyelash extensions. You, too, can have this doe-eyed look at Tres Belle You located in Brooklyn. Ask for lash diva, Yoshie, and she'll hook you up.

I love it! Booking my appointment.

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