Monday, December 1, 2008

It's December!!!

YEAAAAAAA! I LOVE December! I love the festive energy in the air... the possibility of snow (I only require a tad bit) on Christmas... the endless holiday parties... and the excuse to get away for a weekend at a tropical locale.

My most favorite activities are decorating the tree and giving (and receiving) presents. Every year, Treasure and I wait until the week before Christmas to get our tree. I just love the smell of a fresh tree. Then I painstakingly decorate it as if it were on display at Macy's.

Once I'm done, I could stare at it all night. =D

Then, comes wrapping the gifts, which we also kinda wait til the last minute to on Christmas Eve. I just sip wine and wrap and wrap until I fall out..hopefully with all the gifts wrapped.

So far, I've only bought one gift. Sad, I know.. I really need to get on the ball. Problem is that it's really difficult when the giftees don't post their "wishlist" on the refrigerator and bathroom mirror, like I do. teee heeee

Here's what's on my list so far:

The cute factor made them a must have. I know I can buy them myself, but who wouldn't want to get this cuteness wrapped in a big bow?
24kt S'mores Hearts - Neiman Marcus

For said weekend jaunt to tropical locale
Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag 45 - Eluxury

*SWOON - Get the smelling salts* (at $1800.00, they will STAY on the wishlist but they are lust worthy)

Christian Louboutin Engenie Satin Pumps - Net-A-Porter

I need another black leather jacket. This one is so fab!
Elizabeth and James Leather Corset Jacket - Intermix

If this was the only gift I was given, I would be a HAPPY camper. I would lounge around in this robe with my new Loubous on...for as long as my ankles and toes allowed. Did I mentioned the heel on the above beauties are 6" high?!?!?!
Long Cashmere Robe
Prague Pure Cashmere Robe - Overstock

What's on your Christmas wishlist?


Tiffany said...

OMG. Those Louboutins are one of the most gorgeous pair of shoes I have ever seen.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Tiffany! Aren't they?!?! You should see the pink ones... I DIE!!!