Monday, March 2, 2009

Could It Be?

I finally found a few BMs options that I actually like. Which is your fav?

Watters and Watters Style 3428

Watters and Watters Style 3373, in black

I really like that it's similar to my wedding gown in style.

Mori Lee Style 731

I love this one! Especially since it's a style that will lend itself fabulously to my oversized flower obsession! My inspiration:


I'm getting excited again! This is possibly one more thing off of my massive "To Do" list.


tanya said...

ohh how exciting! I didn't have BMs since it would have been so difficult to choose between our close friends (we had a small destination wedding) but now I'm wishing we did just so I could pick out their dresses! I love the first three (I'm a big help) but the third one is also similar in style to the flower girls one with the bubble hem--that may be really cute!
P.S I remember drooling over that pucci cupcake post--just gorgeous!

Margarita said...

The Mori Lee gown is gorgeous and perfect for pinning the flower on!

redframe said...

I vote for the Mori Lee, 100%! Plus a big ass flower please!!!

The Bridal BFF said...

Mori Lee alllll day! Good luck choosing!

A said...

Looooove the second and third dresses. The Mori Lee will probably get use after the wedding, if that's a factor at all!