Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Tale Of The Diva FG

So on Sunday when all the girls got together for our trip to the bridal salon, we brought along the junior bridesmaid and the flower girl, who will now and forever be known as "The Littlest Diva". While everyone was in an excited tizzy trying on the dresses, The Littlest Diva, would not stand to be left out. She left the dressing room area to seek out her own dress as the dress I showed her online wasn't exactly to her liking. She's FOUR YEARS OLD folks!!!

She quickly found a dress and swiftly stole away into one of the dressing rooms. She emerged with the biggest, most poufy dress with TONS of tulle for volume AND it had crinoline, so you know the skirt was up to her chest. lol

We all died laughing. Once I could finally get any words out, I asked her why that dress? She said so she can twirl. The Littlest Diva has spoken.

These are two options that I think are cute and would lend to twirling to one's heart is content:

Elegant V-Neck

Taffeta and Tulle

Both of these dresses can be found here. I will show The Littlest Diva both and see which one she likes best. Do you think I can use the Jedi Mind Trick to get her to pick the first dress?

One last thing... remember this:

The Big Girl Version:


Ashley Kohler said...

Love the dress options and your FG sounds like a doll! You've been awarded this morning! Hop on over to my blog and check it out! ;)

Anonymous said...

I also found a lot of twirling dresses for the little Divas at this site also:

flower girl dresses