Monday, March 16, 2009


Hmmmm where go I begin? Do I start with the wedding was cancelled for 10 minutes? Or do I start with I had to give my vacation to my Mother because I felt she needed it more?

I'll start with the wedding that was almost canceled. Due to issues beyond my control, I had seriously contemplated canceling the whole thing. But due to the fact that so much money had already been spent, it would be crazy to forfeit those deposits... so I've had to downsize the rest of the wedding To-Dos. Let me first say while downsizing is practical, especially in this economy, I like the word SUPERSIZE so much better. But alas, when given lemons, one must make a kickass lemonade.

We've had to cancel our beloved cinematography by Still Motion and photography by Sallee Photography. I must admit, I'm really broken up about not having Still Motion. They totally rock and that Patrick is a darling. I'm currently scrambling for equally great vendors but that can accommodate our new budget respectively. Maybe some newcomers to the game with loads of talent. Any suggestions, please feel free to suggest. =)

On the wedding gown front, I've decided to sell my fabulous Jim Hjelm gown. Did I really need a 4k gown... not really, I just liked it ALOT! There are other fabulous designers out there with beautiful gowns. Case in point - Angelina Faccenda, she makes a gown quite similar to the Jim Hjelm, dare I say with a touch more UMPH, for under $900.00. See for yourself:

Jim Hjelm

Angelina Faccenda

I must admit downsizing has done wonders for my stress levels and overall well being. I'm not as worried and filled with angst. I feel more in control, which is a very good thing. I sleep more soundly and that's worth more than all the supersizing in the world.


tanya said...

don't frett my dear--it will still be fabulous!! That dress is gorgeous either way...I seriously can't tell the difference unless they are side by side like this and even then, it's minimal :-)

Margarita said...

You can have a gorgeous and fabulous wedding with a smaller budget - and the dress is gorgeous! No one will know the difference in price!

Anonymous said...

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