Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cocktail Party Anyone?

I just wanted to share my secret to a fab cocktail party. What makes a successful soiree? Food and well, awesome cocktails. I have a little secret.. I never cook for them. While I do love to burn in the kitchen.. making bite sized morsels take waaaaay too long and is quite labor intensive. With preparing the house, jazzing it up with relevant decor items, perfecting my cocktail recipes and looking for the perfect clothing ensemb, the most my hungry guest could hope for is Club House crackers and maybe some crab dip... from the supermarket, if left to my own devices.

So, what's my time management and saving face solution??? AppetizersToGo. YUM-O pretty much sums up their gourmet viddles. I've tasted almost every offering, the "Cocktails in the City" collection is my absolute fav!

This gourmet combo includes:
20 Beef Wellingtons
20 Citrus Infused Jumbo Lump Crabcake
15 Duck a'la Orange Bundles
15 Poached Pear and Brie Bundles

The best thing is my guests always rave about how great a cook I've become. I sheepishly, say "thanks!" and slink off to the kitchen to make sure no evidence is there to the contrary. lol

Now with a little get together happening in the very near future, I pull up their website, lovingly bookmarked in my Favorites and what do I see? They now have an offer for customers whom purchase from their warehouse in NJ, (near Giants Stadium) will receive a discount of 20% off retail prices. *programs address in GPS*

I'm thrilled and can't wait to stop by there next Friday. I have to get these:

Colin Cowie's Samoosas (Beef)

You know how much I love Colin, so I HAVE to get them.

Bacon Wrapped Sirlion Gorgonzola Skewers.

Wrapped in bacon? I'm there!

Mini Frank Sliders

My Treasure says that I'm a sucker for anything miniature.. he knows me so well. I love that they are in a wee bun.. kicks up the fab factor, I think.

Hungry yet?

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