Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too Cute!

I'm currently looking into guestbook alternatives and I'm at a total loss. I like the look of the crystal trees but it seems as if I see them everywhere. I still like them and would love to have a crystal "Wish Tree".

Then, I was toying with the idea of getting a pretty jewelry box and have guest put their "gem" of advice and/or well wishes in the box. I would attach small note cards to individual acrylic (not glass, too expensive) pendants, that would serve as "gems" as well.

I also thought about an "All The Places We Will Go" theme for a guestbook complete with small decorative white luggage, lined with the Pucci fabric and postcards of various travel locations, for the guest to write their well wishes on. But I can't find said small decorate white luggage. *sigh* That was my favorite idea too..

So, in my mental exhaustion, I simply Googled, "wedding guest book alternatives" and this cutie popped up:

Perfect Pear Jar

I thought this was sooooooo cute. Now, I know it won't really go with our "theme" but it's so adorable. We are having a "Perfect Pear" martini but I think this would be an obscure stretch but too cute, nonetheless. And the lil' note cards.. the bees' knees. I also love that you can use it after the soiree to stash your favorite cookies.

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Jen said...

The pear is really cute & goes well with the signature drink! But what do you do? Write a note on one of the cards and put it in the pear?