Friday, July 24, 2009

The Veiled Bride

Hey! My apologies for the too long hiatus.. so much to do, so little time. So let's get caught up, shall we?

My gown is IN!!!! You have no idea how excited I am to finally see my gown, on my body. See originally I had opted and bought a fab Jim Hjelm gown. However, while totally beautiful and stunning, it didn't scream "ME". So while often advised otherwise, I continued to just "look" at pretty gowns hoping I wouldn't see anything else that tickled my fancy. But lo and behold, that was certainly not to be the case. My uber fabulous "Barcelona" gown by Blue by Enzoani proved to be a must have!!

So I scoured my area to see who had the gown locally and placed an order, without ever seeing it in person much less trying it on. The bridal salon owner said I was a brave girl.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I got the call the the gown was in. I rushed over to see it.. I just had to! Victoria, the salon owner, greeted me by saying how gorgeous my gown was and how all the brides shopping for their respective gowns, wanted to try it on when it came in the shop. LOL

So she brings the gown from the back and hangs it high and begins to unzip the garment bag. I thought I would pass out from anticipation and baited breath!! Then she unleased all her splendor that is my gown. I gasped and squealed with excitement and utter disbelieve that the gown is even MORE fab in person.

Needless to say, I'm a very happy camper!

So I began to think about veil options... to veil or not to veil.. what to do..what to do...???

Originally, I had bought a pretty, cathedral length veil to wear with my Jim Hjelm but my "Barcelona" whispered she wanted something different. She's such a diva.

So I began to look at cage veils.. but none really captured my heart.. and I kinda though that the netting leads itself to a more vintage-y feel and my gown wasn't vintage-y. Also the "Pucci" wedding has a more chic, fashionable vibe to it.

They always say you find what you need when you're not looking for it.. hence my Treasure and very near future husband. I happen to be going through my daily does of bridal blogs goodness and was stopped in my Manolos!

Ladies I present to you the veil of my bridal dreams:

I swoon every time I gaze at it. Isn't she fab with a capital "F"??

This beautiful photo is from Sedona Bride and one of the photos from this particular shoot is featured on a magazine cover, Phoenix Bride and Groom
And what would this rave be without the info of the talented chica that designed that delicious veil?? It was lovingly made by a bridal hair and makeup artist, Patricia Vega.

I've placed an order with a few minor changes. I'm hoping to receive it before my first fitting on August 7th. I. Can. Not. Wait!!!!

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