Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pretty Things

I just love this crystal candleholder. I was looking for another jeweled candleholder and came across this one.

It's from HSN - it's called Sorelle Hurricane Candle Holder with Crystal Drops.

I would really be thrilled to have these line the ceremony aisle, creating a sparkling glow from the candles. But HSN hasn't been cooperative with each of these beauties priced at $59.95 each. PUH!

I came across another pretty candle holder, that was more in line with my budget:

This option would not be ideal for lining the aisle because of the open flame of a tapered candle. But it would be nice clustered- 5 candles on each side and staggered in height at the back of the aisle. I imagine really long tapers, maybe 15", would be nice and the final element would be rose petals at the base of the clusters.

Up until now, I hadn't really thought about the ceremony's decor besides the crystal curtain at the alter. I think the candleholders and rose petals with a sprinkling of orchids, at the end (or is that the beginning?) of the aisle will give a completed look of glitz and romance.

And these budget friendly beauties can be found on Ebay in a lot of 12 for $110.00. Actually they may be even cheaper with a more involved search.

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Tracy-Girl said...

Those are so pretty... they are elegant, yet simple!