Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What is a SMOOL you might ask? It's a small pool. I made up that word.. kinda cute, huh?

Although the Hubby and I want a pool, we don't want it to take over the whole backyard. We want to maintain grassy areas and a spacious area for the outdoor kitchen and dining area.

We have had a pool guy come to the house and give us an estimate and when I told him that we wanted a small pool in one corner of the backyard, he told me,"it's not advisable and we won't be able to enjoy it."  What?!?! (I always get the most negative people to work with..remember my realtor, who didn't want to sell us our house..but I digress.)

I thanked him for his time and told him I wanted a solutions oriented pool person and we'd keep looking. BUH BYE!!

So, on to the interwebs I went because I was more than certain that there HAD to be an option for someone like me, that wanted a SMOOL. I mean we don't need an Olympic size pool, we more than likely will just lounge in the pool, take a quick dip on a hot day and it would be cool to have when our little family members came to visit.

I did find many small inground pool options and I'm thrilled.

These smallest options are called Patio Pools and they are kinda perfect. They are also called DIY pools because for the most part, you can excavate the hole yourself and have the pool manufacturer just drop the pool in and fill with water, then complete the surround. Although, my Husband wants no part of this particular kind of DIY, it's a great option for those who want to go that route.

If we chose this kind of pool, we'd try not to have too much concrete around it, because we like our grass.

Isn't the water so pretty?

This would take up more space because of it's shape but I like it.. just not for our backyard.

Another great option sans the pavers.
Anyone have a SMOOL? Do you want one?


K. Rock said...

I didn't even know pools came in mini sizes. This is actually pretty cool.

anita said...

I want one!
Just like the one where you said the water is so pretty....I want one exactly like that.
Keep looking - I'm sure you can find someone who will accommodate you and your wishes! :)

My Favorite Pieces said...

A small pool,love it.I would love to have one too,very intimate,instead of a large one.

Saroya Norris said...

hahaha I love the little you're fired drawing. I think the small pool is a great idea. You know exactly what you want and have found some great variations and I do agree with My Favorite Pieces i love the intimacy element.

Denise J. said...

I too have been wanting a small pool and I thank you and love the new terminology to search... smool and patio pool. Brilliant! Saw a great kidney shaped one on Fire Island. It was bigger than a jacuzzi, had bench seating half way 'round and looked perfectly refreshing! I was sold from then on. When I get an urge to swim laps I can go to my moms big pool. But to splash and float and sip, a smool would be perfect! Love that word! Now I want one even more that I have a cool word to call it. You've got my vote when Webster's is taking new entries! I fill up my son's kiddie pool as high as it can handle lay on a float, close my eyes and if I tuck in my elbows, I'd never know I was not in a grand oasis. With a smool, I would not have to tuck in my elbows! Can you tell I've been wanting one for a while?! Well I hope you get yours and we get ours too!

sue said...

What size is the small kidney shaped pool, please?

Kim C. said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! This is exactly what I want and for the exact same reasons! I also don't want the upkeep of such a large pool. Thanks for sharing this post. I never knew they actually had a name. Now I know what to ask for!