Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ummmmm, Malachite

It is a SICKNESS I tell ya'!! I already have some fabulous dining room chairs... and now I have another set of six dining room chairs that came with this:

The chairs look like this, except in black.

I don't want the glass table and chairs and while I've seen both the table and chairs on Ebay.com, 1st Dibs.com and VandM.com, I'm not sure I'm up to trying to find a place to list them and sell them, so I have a total of 12 FREAKIN' DINING ROOM CHAIRS... who does that? 

And I still want these beauties:

Six faux Malachite dining chairs. I want.. sooooooo bad.

See?? A sickness, I'm hoarding dining room tables and chairs.

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