Sunday, June 12, 2011

Virtual Decorating

Wish I could show you photos of the completed painting of the house but I can't because we're STILL not done. I think my molding is breeding and making more molding because seriously, it seems never-ending. *sigh*

But it's coming along, seemingly we're almost done. Then, we can slap on the black paint for the doors and living room fireplace and we'll finally be done. Well, there's still the kitchen but we're gonna use a paint sprayer for that.

Today, I turn my attention to the family room. This room will be decidedly more masculine and dark, as opposed to the light and airy and diva-likeness of the living room. The family room will be where everyone congregates because of it's proximity to the kitchen. So, I'm keeping durability and wear in mind. With that said, I still want that room to have a glamorous feel.

This is my inspiration:

Fab room by Atmosphere 


So, my take aways for my family room are how they have a white fireplace, that they take the color all the way to the ceiling. We will be doing that. If you remember, our fireplace has this great white marble with gray and black veining... I think it's gonna be pretty cool.

Still debating the accent color(s) of the room but more than likely it will be in the gray family, to keep that element throughout the house.

I love the scones they used in this room and I want those:

I already have an armchair that is currently glossy black and patent leather:

But I'm thinking of reupholstering it in a pattern to bring some movement into the room, like this:

Another item I love in this room are the lamps. LOVE THESE!!

I have my eye on a couple of lamps that's similar. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

The last item I want for the family room is this:

Crocodile embossed leather flooring, in black, of course. I think this flooring will make me do a happy dance every time I see it.

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