Friday, June 24, 2011

New Beginnings

Sorry for being a bad blogger... there's been so much going on. My daughter graduated from high school, we are packing to finally move, STILL painting the house, finally clearing out our 3 storage units... *sigh*

I'm so annoyed with myself because as I began to clear out our master bedroom, I see sooooooo much stuff that I didn't and never needed but had way too much of.. shoes, clothes, coats, bags, hats, makeup...etc. Just TOO much of everything and it just made me sick and mad.

Sick because more than likely I'm going to throw so much of it away. I know I could take it to Goodwill or someplace but more than likely, it's going in the trash because I simply don't have time or energy to do anything else with it.

Mad because when I look at ALL of that stuff, I see dollar signs. I see tons of cash that could have gone towards our retirement, towards savings for immediate needs for the new house, towards anything else besides a bunch of "stuff".

I need to simplify. I need to purge. I need to find joy in accumulating less "stuff". I need to only purchase what I need and treat myself to indulgences ONCE IN A WHILE. Instead of indulging ALL THE TIME.

I believe I will appreciate what I purchase alot more and my closets won't look like they are on the cusp of hoarding.


anita said...

Don't be so hard on yourself!

(what size shoes are they?!)

a-typical siemese said...

you can call the salvation army and they will come pick up the items you no longer want. but i know the feeling of getting it all together and not having the energy to take it to the will all work out!! can't wait to see the updated pics of the house.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I am also on a big paring down- simplifying kick.
I think some of the charities will come right to the house and pick the stuff up... check into it - you can just put it outside!
Look at it as a fresh beginning rather than the negative. I think you will feel happier and great when it is all packed up and gone!
Good luck!
Have a PRETTY day!

Saroya Norris said...

The will absolutely pick up as a-typical said. Dont be so hard on yourself, this is a huge job, you're doing so much and have already accomplished tons. Rome wasn't built in a day. Be proud and feel good, you are doing an amazing job, and I'm sure have inspired many!

Tonia said...

Join the club! It happens, purging now is the best thing instead of moving all to you new place.