Saturday, October 15, 2011

Small House Update

I should be embarrassed about the amount of time it has taken to paint the family room.. but really, I have no shame. Too busy and too tired to paint.

I had to hire someone to finish the job.. and I'm so freakin' happy to see the almost finished final product!!

I wish I had a better camera because I would like to capture a panoramic view.

The new camel sofa is gonna looks so pretty in there. Also, I was looking closely at the marble on the fireplace and it has camel veining in it too.. how perfect is that?

I can't wait to replace that chandelier.. I think I want this one:

Sooooooo pretty!!!!!

In other news, remember I wrote about wanting a leopard or zebra print runner on the stairs? Well, I received the samples from Ballard's and let's just say I must continue my search.

These options read too red and brown and doesn't provide enough contrast on the wood floors.

I took my zebra cowhide and folded it up to get an idea of what it could look like... and I still love it. I just need to find a more contrasting and graphic option.

Yup, I still love the look.. just need to find the perfect  pattern and colors.

1 comment:

anita said...

so glad you hired the painter!
i'll keep a look-out for zebra for you.