Thursday, November 10, 2011

Caramel Delight

This photo captures the look and feel I want for my family room. It's warm yet chic and beckons you to stay awhile...

The caramel / camel colored sofa almost makes me drool at all it's finery. Sumptious velvety fabric, bench seat, tufting and nailheads. Oh, what more can a girl ask for, besides blue and yellow diamonds and an unlimited clothing and shoe closet?

I love the inky walls and the pictures framed in gold. Love that coffee table. I want a tiered table for the family room.

*sigh* I'm seriously KICKIN' myself for not getting this table when I saw it on Ebay.. KICKIN'!!

It would have been perfect. Brass hardware mixed with leather.. I'm having serious non-buyers remorse. Hopefully, I can find another beauty that will be just as fab.

I've also decided that decorating my home is not a race... it's a journey to be savored. Yes, I would like a magazine worthy home, like RIGHT NOW but I really want to enjoy taking my time to find things that I love, that are meaningful..things of great quality and substance.

I'm honing my decorating eye and exercising restraint to be patient and not just buy things just to get rid of the bareness. Being patient helps me to further tease out my design and decor preferences and style.

Speaking of patient. I've waited two LOOOOONG weeks to receive my sofa and it will be here tomorrow. YAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

so wonderful!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Nina,

Thanks for stopping by! I love this room!! The colors, textures, the composition.. so fab!