Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bathroom Remix

I'm really under the gun to get the house together as much as I can before Thanksgiving. I have friends, that's more like family, coming to stay a few days and I want their experience to be as nice as I can make it.

In addition to new bedding and temporary window coverings for the guestrooms, I have to do something with the main bathroom that everyone will use. Although, it's a new bathroom, it's totally not my style.

Bleh, what color is that on the walls?? See the Roman shade that came with the house? I should be embarrassed that it's still up but I'm not. Just have to work on changing it alot sooner than I was ready to. I have an enclosed jacuzzi tub which I HATE. It's such a waste because we never use it and I'm not a fan of enclosures like that.. especially with the brassy trim on the doors. YUCK!! Because we can't rip out that tub and wall just yet, I will have to hang a shower curtain to hide the ugly.

I need to change out that mirror and faucet fixture. I see a more prettier oval mirror and more antique-y looking faucet fixture in my immediate future. I HAVE to get rid of the paint color. It's so unfab.

I also have to get rid of that light fixture. I'm not a fan and makes it so difficult to do my makeup, it creates so many shadows. So, my thoughts are to flank an oval mirror with some nice lighting.
I'm so inspired by this bathroom look:

In addition to that fab clawfoot tub, I really love the painted "wainscoting" look and that the trim is painted black.

Considering that I have a limited budget and a time crunch, I will just paint and hang a nice shower curtain, add some fluffy towels, a pretty tray. That should be good, right?


in the night sky said...

Sounds good to me, especially with a deadline hanging over you - you don't want to try and do too much. Just painting should make a world of difference.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi! I know.. I shouldn't try to do to much.. just thinking about it makes me tired. lol

anita said...

Fresh paint and fresh towels will make a HUGE difference!