Sunday, November 13, 2011

Curtain Call

I have been looking at window treatments lately. I have no coverings on any of my windows except for one of the bathrooms and that was there when we moved in. Terrible, I know.

In my defense, I didn't want to spend money to put something up, just to turn around and take it back down once I decided what I wanted a certain room or space to look like and/or how to adorn the windows.

I've been perusing the different types of options.. panel drapes, balloon and roman drapes are standouts for me and my style.

I these looks, panel and balloon shades, separately.
I believe I want to do a roman shade or more specifically a "London" shade for the family and dining rooms. Panels for the living and breakfast rooms.

I will be working on window treatments in the living room first so here's what I'm thinking.. two different looks.

Striped panels for the French doors:


And for framing the bay window, solid panels with an interesting trim, like these:

or this:


I also have to choose what type of top header I want.

French Pleat

Goblet Pleat

Inverted Pleat

Parisian Pleat

I must say, I adore the Goblet Pleat.

I watched a video discussing this curtain header options and while they say that the Goblet Pleat is very formal, it just looks really fun and cute to me.

What do you think about having different window treatments in the same room?