Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best Is Yet To Come

Can you believe it's almost 2012? Me either but a new year is upon us and it's gonna be bigger, more fabulous and even more awesome!

As with life, there's up and downs but I'm thankful to say that this year was filled with way more ups. YAY for ups!


I'm looking so forward to seeing what 2012 brings... looking forward to seeing how I will evolve as a woman, wife and mother.

I'm hoping I can revisit owning my own business again.While I'm thankful to have a great career, I was over the moon having my own company. After all, I need to be a boss with my new fancy desk. (in progress)

On the home front, I will continue to decorate to my heart's content. It's been quite a learning experience and I'm loving every minute of it. I have some new updates to share...coming soon.

I'm planning to work on the front yard...thinking of adding a semi-circular driveway along with some new flower beds that contain pretty bunches of hydrangeas. We need flowers to soften up the front of the house. Also need to add some shutters to the second floor windows.

I'm sure there will be lots of new experiences and adventures upon the horizon and I can't wait!!


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

This is a beautiful post! Wishing you a wonderful 2012

janzi said...

what a fab house, and all your ideas are just perfect and will look wonderful when executed... your husband is a very lucky man to have you creat such a lovely home for you together.. I am quite jealous!! Have a great month and carry on posting, its so interesting to read.. J