Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Is Coming

Sorry about the lack of posts.. I've been so, so, SO very tired. No energy to do nuffin'. Just no strenf. But I finally got it together and finished painting the pantry, went gift and decor shopping, planned and shopped for the Christmas dinner (with Hubby's help), decorated the tree and most of one fireplace mantels. Maybe next year, I'll get around to decorating the other four fireplaces.

Every year, I say that I'm gonna get started early.. to have all my gifts done by the end of Summer and of course it never happens and I just wanna kick myself because my procrastination. But alas, I'm almost at the finish line and I can enjoy all of my last minute, hard work.

I've already started thinking of how I want to decorate the dining room mantle next year.. make it a dessert buffet.

LOVE this idea!! It's so cute and functional. I'm all over it.


anita said...

I'm so tired too.
(working retail this time of year is a killer....)
anyway -- merry christmas to you and yours!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Is that your living room with the fireplace???? If so, OfreakinMGeee it looks like a page from a home magazine...but I remember you talking about that sofa. Either way NICE!!

Reggie said...

We haven't been feeling it this year. This year we didn't even put up a tree. I'm not feeling the holidays this year.

I've picked up a few gifts and I have no tree to put them under and I don't really feel like putting the tree I do have up anyway.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Everyone!! Glad you stopped by.

@Anita.. I used to work in retail eons ago.. LAWDY.. I feel your pain. Treat yourself to a massage.. or ask Santa for one. =)

@GP LOL that would be a negative on the gorgeous, magazine worthy fireplace decor. I WISH!! I'm still learing the fine art of styling. I'm getting there.

@Reggie Awwww sorry to hear that. One year I didn't put up a tree and I was miserable on Christmas. It's just something about a tree that makes me kinda happy. Maybe you can put up a small, table top tree.. some of those come already decorated.