Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hey Mr. Postman

I love when I come home to packages. Even though I know they are coming.. I am so giddy when they finally arrive.

I had come across a blog, which lead me to another blog, then an Etsy site and new web store, High Street Market.

Kelly, the owner of High Street Market carries the cutest, vintage things. There's a few things more things that I want to buy, especially these lamps:

The Ava Bamboo Table lamp

I adore that lamp and I'm looking forward to seeing a pair of them in my dining room.

I ordered a cute silver plated server and was greeted by it when I got home today.

No, thank YOU, High Street Market.

The server was very well packaged. I really appreciated that.

Unlike most things I buy vintage, this baby came polished to a high shine. I love that bamboo handle.

More fab bamboo handles. It comes with a glass insert but I forgot to take a pic.

A closer look at the handle. Love this detail.

So shiny and lovely. I can't wait to use it.
I also got another package. This one was from Zulily. I bought a Godinger silver plated gumball dispenser. It was on sale for $15.00.. I think.. My only complaint was that it took FOREVER to come.

It's really cute, small... about 9" tall and perfect for my desk. I usually like to keep a little something sweet within reach and I won't freak out when someone else reaches for candy. Candy dish = germy hands.


Anonymous said...

Both items are cute! I especially like the gumball dispenser. Things I order from Zulily and Totsy always seem to take forever. Just when I've practically forgotten about them, a package arrives like a surprise!

in the night sky said...

The gumball dispenser is so cute, love it!