Saturday, December 3, 2011

Great Gift Ideas

Sometimes shopping for others can be so hard for someone like me... I want to keep everything for myself. For instance here's a couple of gifts that I'm pondering..

Who doesn't love an Infinity scarf? I adore them. Here's a fab scarf with some serious glam factor going on from Etsy.  An Infinity scarf with fur and a rhinestone detail. If I buy this, I KNOW I'm gonna wanna keep it for myself.

Then, I found another all fur Infinity scarf...

I know this would be loved by anyone who receives it. Again, if I buy it, I'm gonna wanna keep it.

No, only is it bad with clothing items but household ones as well. I found this insanely fab candle:

  • Encapsulated in a 14K gold plated crocodile on black textured vessel created from fine Limoges porcelain paste, the candles exude the intoxicating scent of pink champagne.

  • Designs are completed with a fitted lid that has a lid handle plated in 14K gold! All candles are presented in a luxury gift box.

  • And yup, you guessed it! I will definitely keep it if I buy it. 

    This candle is bananas! The 14kt gold plated gold trim, the faux croc pattern and the 14kt gold plated crocodile on top! I would never want to light it but if I did.. I could still use it on a vanity or tabletop. So chic.

    If I don't get it together, this will prove to be a very costly Christmas.

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    Gorgeous_Puddin said...

    Ummm...Ma'am I think you should make YOU a Christmas list with those things on them and another list with things for others that you know you won't want that they will love. Everything you showed looks like stuff you like. LOL!