Saturday, March 17, 2012

Breakin' Out The Paint Brush

I'm going to paint the fireplace in the living room white. I know, I just painted it black but for some reason, I'm not loving it anymore. I'm going to paint it and add a little glam and light by adding mirrors to the fireplace surround.

Currently, we have this:

Don't mind the mantle..

But I want to have this:

Eddie Ross
I just love how this fireplace looks, classic with a little bit o' glam! Eddie Ross has such a great eye.

I've picked up some mirrored tiles, a cutter and some heavy duty adhesive from Home Depot. I'm ready to make it happen. But first, I have to paint. BOO!! 

The agony of painting will be so worth it though.

Will post photos when I'm done.


Mrs. Sutton said...

Wow - it looks beautiful anyway, but I admire your pursuit of perfection! I have promised myself (after a LONG absence from Blogland) that this is the year that I stop dreaming and start doing! Well done for being a do-er! xx

Reggie said...

I'm feelling the decor.