Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Garden That Craigslist Built

So, we finally got the hydrangea and azaleas planted yesterday. I'm thrilled!!

The shrubs on the landscaper's truck awaiting their new home.

The old, ugly shrubs... all strewn about on the lawn.

The newly rototilled, fertilized and plant food fed flowerbed.
Another view of one of the prepared flower beds. See those big bags of grass seed? Yup, I'm on a mission for a beautiful lawn, too.

Two huge hydrangea shrubs. They are already beginning to bud. I'm so excited!!

Budding is a beautiful thing.

The other flower bed, with another huge hydrangea shrub and two smaller azalea shrubs.
I plan to go to another Craigslister's small nursery and purchase some boxwoods to add balance and more greenery to the flowerbeds. I will keep those small and round because I want to create an interesting tiered effect, like the photo below. It will be so cute. =)

Lastly, I found yet another Craiglister that is selling Belgian stone so I can complete the stone border. YAY!

Lately, I've been obsessed with flowers and all things pretty for adorning the outside of the house. I have been literally driving around my neighborhood stalking pretty yards, hoping to find a house for sale that happens to have a hydrangea tree because I would like to use that to put in the backyard. Crazy, right?

I did find one so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the owner is willing to do something strange for a little bit of change.


In The Night Sky said...

Your garden will be fabulous when its all done and in bloom. You have such a pretty house :)

Tonia B. said...

Man you're such the CL shopper! I'm so proud of you.