Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things I'm Lovin'

With Spring right around the corner, I figured I should look into picking up a new fragrance or two. I've have been wearing Creed's Millesime Imperial since I stole it from my Hubby and I ADORE it!
I will still wear it for evenings out but I need something a bit lighter and more playful for the day.

In the lastest issue of InStyle magazine, there were a few perfume samples and the two that stood out to me were Prada Candy and Versace Yellow Diamond.

Top: regressive notes of joyful carefreeness, explosion of caramel.
Mid: powdery notes of sophistication, cocktail of musks.
- Base: vanilla notes of sensuality, benzoin overdose.

Citron from Diamante, Pear Sorbet, Neroli, Bergamot, Nymphea, Freesia, Orange Blossom, Mimosa, Amber Wood, Palo Santo, Musk
Both smell wonderful (in the magazine) but if I had to choose ONLY one, it would be Versace Yellow Diamond. It's light, sparkle-ly and vibrant, just what I want in a Floral scent. The bottle is beautiful too. I would love to have this throwback to Old Hollywood on my vanity.

However, I may just have to buy both because the Prada Candy is really fabulous too.. just different. I hardly ever wear sweet, candy-like fragrances but this one is delightful. So, maybe I'll just get a small bottle of it.

What new fragrances are on your radar from Spring?

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