Monday, March 12, 2012

Living Room Update

It's taken me way longer to finish the living room than I anticipated. But it's ok, it's a journey to cultivate a beautiful home, not a race.

I ordered some drapes from Half Price Drapes and decided to have them French Pleated, which took a little longer to get them but they were so worth it. The drapes are fabulous.. nice weight, lined, falls beautifully and has a glamorous shimmer, which I adore.

My Hubby working on his "Honey-Do" list.
I found this great 1.5 inch drapery rod at Smartbargains. I think I paid maybe $60.00 for it. It was silver, I painted it gold.

So shimmery!
Don't pay attention to those SUPER white lamps.. they are the devil! Long story...
Having the drapes makes the room look so much better, so much more complete. Although, I have so much more to do.. we're moving in the right direction... Classic Glam.

I need to really work on getting a better camera.. and a flokati rug, cocktail table, art... the list is never-ending.


janzi said...

Wow what a stunning room, lucky you having someone to do all the helpful bits!! Your room is so glamarous, its wonderful. What is the flooring, is it wood? We have wooden floors that all need a good paint, or sanding.. we live in a house 200 years old, so its a long work in progress, but that room is to die for and its not finished yet?!! J

Brooke Jones said...

AHH!!! The drapes look so great. Your room has been taken up two notches already!! Fab fab FAB!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hey Ladies! Thanks for stopping by!

@ Janzi - Thank you so much! Yup, my Hubby is the best helper. =)
The floors are wood. We had them refinished in the darker stain. I love it! Our house over 100 years old, I love it's charm. Good luck with your house. I'm sure it's beautiful.

@ Brooke - You're so right! The drapes really add a wow factor and I just love them. I'm inching closer and closer to getting the room complete-ish. =)