Thursday, March 22, 2012

Workin' Outdoors

It's always amazing to me what you can find on good ole Craigslist. I, on a whim, did a search for hydrangeas and lo and behold, I found some and not from a nursery.

There was a woman selling her house and she had several Hydrangea shrubs for sale. I thought this was weird.. to sell the landscaping of the house you just sold but I want lots o' flowers in front of my house, like yesterday!

I contacted her to see what the dealio was. The pricing was great, she had the colors I wanted but the catch was you had to dig them up youself. UGH!

As peculiar as it seemed, it appears to be a "thing". People selling their shrubs and trees for whatever reason but the buyer has to put in the physical labor of removing them. I read several accounts of this type of gardening sale on different DIY landscaping forums. It's a win for everyone on a budget.

The best thing about my purchase is that I will not have to wait for bountiful Hydrangea shrubs, I will have them in a matter of weeks and now is a perfect time for transplanting.

At the casa, it's been a mad dash to prepare our flower bed. It included the task of buying spades and shovels because we didn't have those... kinda important. We removed the sparse shrubs that resided in the flowerbed. They used to be Azaleas, I think, but they had lost their glory long ago.

It was a TASK... OMG!!! My body is still sore from all the digging, pulling and tugging. I never want to have to do that again. But it made me so happy to see them gone because we were making room for the pretty.

Next, up is reseeding the lawn and adding a stone border to the flowerbed.

Maybe I can find some stones on Craigslist at a steal too!

Are you working on anything outdoors?


Nuha said...

i love the idea of buying plants on craigslist...i would have never though of it. you'll have to post your pictures when youre done, i bet theyll be absolutely gorgeous!

angelaluvnlife said...

Ok so I love the hot pink shoes for your profile. And all the pics are Fabulous did you take them? And I would have never thought about buying plants on craigslist or something like that. I wonder if they have them like on ksl too. I will have to check them out! Awesome Post!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

All I know is...that is going to be Fantabulous when it's finished.