Monday, March 3, 2008


Aren't these cakes FABULOUS!! That's one talented diva!

I've been contemplating the importance or lack thereof, of having a wedding cake. I would really like to have peach pie!! But I think with all the things I've opted not to do, such as the garter toss and the bouquet toss, the older folks at the wedding may be less than happy if we don't have at least the cake cutting tradition.

I wonder how many people will actually eat cake? Every wedding I've been to, I hadn't, not because I didn't want any but usually because the cake cutting was so late and I had probably left already. And with Treasure not being a fan of cake, I've been left in a quandry.

I had pondered the infamous cupcake tree but although cute, it doesn't seem sophisticated enough.

Next was doing something unique like these cake balls. Sounds a little funny but looks DELISH! I like that they're a cross between cake and a CUTE!!

Then I realized that I really want a cake! A big, beautiful, artistic cake!! So Treasure and I have decided to get a Fake Cake. Yup, one layer of real cake, it will be the one we cut and smile lovingly as we feed it to each other..the rest of the layers, FAKE albeit beautifully covered with fondant and decorations.


jessica said...

i love the colorful one, which looks more like a painting. so what are you feeding the guests instead of cake, or will they get a plain sheet cake?
do the cheese balls have chocolate on them??

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Jessica!

The guest will get delicious sheet cake. =)

The cake balls are dipped in chocolate, ummm goood!

Aricka said...

I think the idea of a fake cake is great!