Monday, September 15, 2008

Flashing Lights

I finally booked my photographer! Well actually I booked them two months ago but just getting around to blogging about it. I'm so thrilled to have this rockstar team capture our wedding day. You remember me salivating over Sallee Photography, right?!? You also remember me sharing that they are a husband and wife team out of Texas. And as luck would have it they were on a tour, told you, 'rockstars', and made their way to New York. Which was totally great and convenient for me. So I got to meet them in person and see more of their work, namely their albums. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I whipped out my checkbook, faster than you can say "FABULOUS"!!!

They showed me all the albums available, including the 25,000.00 album. It comes with it's own suitcase. Yes, the ALBUM comes with it's own SUITCASE. Well needless to say, I didn't splurge on the 25k album. But nonetheless, over the moon with my choice. I wish I had a photo to share.. they were too fab for words.

Ok, so included in the destination wedding package is the full day of wedding photography, with the team plus one (the assistant) AND a Day After shoot as well as a Bridal Shoot.

I CANNOT wait for the Day After shoot. I've planned to rent time at the Westbury's a beautiful place for photography, think English Gardens. After that, a jaunt to Central Park, then to SoHo area then ending with maybe Times Square. The best part is it's going to be more fashion shoot than wedding so Treasure and I really get to do it up. I'm planning 3 changes for the different locations. I'm still trying to talk Treasure into multiple changes. He only wants to change ties. lol

photos from

Instead of wearing my wedding gown, I've opted to get 3 different "wedding" dresses. YUP, three! But I won't be spending a fortune. Look at my picks.

Aren't those black buttons down the back just dreamy? Perfection for the photos at Old Westbury Gardens. I plan to don short black leather gloves and mini top hat with veil. Cuteness!

hat from Madame Modiste

Or maybe this one:

from Ebay

Very "Eastside" Bride. Too darling.

The Boho-Chic Bride. Too fab!

I love them all soooo much. Each just "fits" each location so well and I really love that none are like my wedding day gown. The best part?? I'll pay about $450.00for all three. How you ask?? They are bridesmaids dresses!! They take on such a different feel in white. If I had thought about it before buying THE wedding gown, that gown in the first pic, would have been my wedding day choice. It's so chic, so glam, so me! These beautiful gowns are by BariJay.


Tiffany said...

I love all your wedding dresses and what a fab idea to have 3!! love it!

Sallee Photography is fabulous. Your pictures are going to be awesome! Will you be posting your pics! I hope so, I would love to see them!

Aricka said...

It is a great idea to do the 3 dresses, how affordable! Who would have thunk to use bridesmaid styles, they are beautiful - but way too showstopping for a bridesmaid, perfect for a bride!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Tiffany!! Thanks, I can't wait to get my pose on. lol

I LOVE Sallee..not only are they great photographers but a fun couple. Of course I'm going to post photos..just try and stop me. =)

Hi Aricka!! I was surprised when I added all three dresses to the Cart and they only came up to $450.00 at Woo Hooo! I guess when you're looking at a white or cream bridesmaids dress..the looks is much more impactful and cheaper. lol