Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On Staycation

I'm pooped. With all the weddings, traveling and wedding planning, I'm just pooped. I still have so much to do but really don't feel like it. So I've decided to take a staycation. Since tropical storms are ravishing the islands, unfortunately, I will have to stay put. Which is fine. I'll be at home recharging my batteries. I will take one more..well two more.. actually three more wedding related appointments and that's IT for a month.

The first is finally getting to meet with the Rev at Trinity Church. Previously the ceremony was to take place at Grace Church but to be honest, it was a little steep to have the ceremony there. Trinity Church is beautiful. It's located in the Wall Street area. The cost to have the ceremony there is 3k less than Grace Church.

image from

Next up would be going to the reception location with the event planner to check out the space and decide what the final design will be based on the glamourous visual that was provided (see previous post).

image from

Lastly, I have to go to the bridal salon to actually order my gown. When I decided what gown I wanted, sight unseen, I went to the nearest bridal salon that carried it to, hopefully, try it on and absolutely LOVE it. We LOVE it, I did and do. But given my track record of ever changing my mind, I just put down a small deposit to lock in my 15% discount and free alterations if I left a good faith deposit. So far I've seen MANY a gown but none to steal me from my beloved silk satin, ivory ballgown (although in the description, I don't think I would classify it as a ballgown *shrugs*), with draped bodice and a wee bit of crystal embellishment. It's simple elegance.

image from Jim Hjelm Bridal

This isn't my gown but it's quite stunning.

Once done with my sabbatical, I'll tackle invitations and bridemaids dresses. I'm still wondering if I want to do the letterpress invites with silk boxes...

image from Dio Selina

I haven't a clue as to bridesmaids dresses.. looking forward to the adventure though. =)

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