Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update On My Blues

I got the shoes from Zappos. Love their super fast shipping! And while the shoes are fabulous with a capital "F", they are not the same shoe. Now I thought I was going crazy because they look so similar and my theory was that it's just a different part of the Pucci pattern that's why they look different but essentially the same shoe. NOPE. I called the Pucci showroom in NY and inquired. I was told that the first pair were from this past 2008 Spring season and the pair that I have are from 2007 Spring season. She said that the shoes are no longer available but I may be able to score a pair from a place like Zappos at the end of the year, early next year. Apparently all the overstock will be made available to discount outlets after November. So there's hope. Yea!!!

Now you may be wondering what is it about those shoes, other than the fact that I love them, that I have to have them so badly? Fabulous details to come!! *wink*

I need a 'tini to quell my angst.

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