Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parasol Madness

Aren't parasols in photos just gorge?!?! I want one!

Besides being fabulous eye candy in photos, we wanted parasols for our guests as the wedding is outside, with no natural shade and in August. So I began to try to source these and have been met with outrageous prices. The least expensive I found was from Oriental Trading. They are selling them 12 for $29.00, not bad AT ALL! Also because they are plain, we can decorate them ourselves. I won't even begin to share how much ONE already painted "Thank You" or "Love" parasol costs!

My only concern is that from the reviews, is that while the price is fab the quality.. not so much. I'm just hoping to get at least 10 usable out of the bunch.


bridechic said...

Yes parasols are really becomming chic now

Brandi Starr said...

Oriental Trading Company can be very hit or miss when it comes to quality just order them far enough in advance that you can return them and go to plan "B" should you not be satisfied.

The Bridal BFF said...

I absolutely love this idea...parasols are ultra-fem! Thanks for sharing!

L!nL!n said...

Oh..I love parasols too ;) I ordered 3 for my own wedding just recently. They were so worth it too. I got 2 plain ones for my bridesmaids, and I had mine monogramed with my new initial "R".
I totally recommend them..although alittle more expensive then OT, but the quality is so worth it.