Friday, May 22, 2009

Time Flies

OMGoodness, I can't believe it's almost been a month since my last post. It's probably because I can NOT believe that the wedding is happening in 2 months and a week. EEEK!!

Currently I've been diligently trying to find affordable transportation. We didn't want limos.. I've always found them difficult to get into and out of gracefully. I will probably already be hot (August 30 wedding = temperature on HELL) and tussling with my fab the less drama the better.

Enter BusBank. This company has been heaven sent. We will be transporting our entire bridal party, 18 in total, including us. I wanted to keep everyone together as we will be taking photos before the ceremony at three different locations in the City before heading over to the venue. The mini coach price includes a driver for 5 hours for around $500.00!! Score!!

Sure, it's not as glam as I would like..but it will get us from Point A to Point B, C, and D.


Jen said...

We're doing a big party bus too! We have a drive from church to reception and wanted people to be comfortable/be able to party!

Brandi Starr said...

I think the mini-buses are a great option. They are convinient and far easier to get in and out of.