Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Film

I thought I was sold and ready to place a contract on my last wedding video vendor but Murphy's Law is in full effect and now we simply don't have the funds for a 4k video. But I still wanted to capture our wedding on video. I know we will have a billion and one photos but film is another dimension that shouldn't be missed, in my opinion. So I started brainstorming...

I remembered awhile ago receiving a demo dvd from Well Spun Weddings. Great company, wonderful work but still out of range. Fast forward to today.. I received a follow up call from Janis, SUPER NICE and HELPFUL!! I explained that video is out of reach right now and she gave me two awesome suggestions.

1. We could utilize their sister company, Hitched On Film, that provides the same quality, same shooters and fabulous videos for $995.00!!! The only catch - only 4 hours of coverage. Not a problem at all for us as we only wanted the "getting ready" and ceremony on video.

2. We could have a friend or family member do all the filming and then submit our mini tapes to them for editing. This option is $695. The biggest selling point for us with this option is we can wait until after the wedding to submit and pay for it.

Option 2 is most likely going to be our choice.

I so love their work.. it's consistent and simply perfect.

wedding film from Hitched on Film on Vimeo.

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Julia said...

that's great that they are able to give you different options - option 2 sounds really sweet and intimate too