Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Old Is New Again

I'm clearly in a nesting stage as all I can think of is home decor. Everywhere I look, I find something I love and want to add or replace an item in our home. Oh and I'm totally on this new organizational kick. EVERYTHING must have a place, clutter makes me nuts. But that's another post.

Anywhoo.. right now, I'm looking for new living room furniture and while I have my eyes on some fab finds from Neiman Marcus, my wallet has other plans. No worries, I just have to be a little more resourceful and it's a great thing because I have come across some AMAZING bloggers working the "look for less".. actually a "totally new look for less".

Take a look...

From fellow blogger, MadebyGirl



Amazingly, knocking my socks off!

Next up is Nuestra Vida Dulce



I DIE!!!

And last but not least, Get It Girl Style:



Just... WOW!!

I'm now on the hunt for wing back chair bargains, sourced from possibly Craigslist or thrift shops. Here's my inspiration:

Sunflower Zebra Chair

I just love the citrusy hue, makes me happy just looking at it. And the zebra stripes gives it just enough "grrrrr"!


True Blind Faith said...

I love this! I have a sofa that was my grandparents (circa 1930's), similar to the 1st photo, and i plan on recovering later this year. I can not wait to see the transformation!

Dayka said...

I just bookmarked that photo--love it!