Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Dreamy!

So, we went to see a couple of houses today. The plan was to attempt to see 4 homes but it didn't happen. I was a little disappointed...

The first house we saw, while it had nice curb appeal, it just didn't speak to me. I tried to like it, I really did but I just couldn't.*shrugs*

The second house, the Victorian home in need of serious TLC was a DREAM. Yes, sure, I had to see past the mess that was left... basically the previous owner didn't maintain the house very well but it has GREAT BONES!

I wish I had more pics to post but camera wasn't charged, unbeknownst to me. UGHHHHHH!

There is alot of work to be done to restore that house to it's splendor of yesteryear with a modern twist and I'm not totally certain the Hubby and I are up to that task. While we agreed that we wanted an older home that we can restore.. our remodeling prowess is probably limited to cosmetic challenges, at best.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that would change out of the necessity of DIY to save money but we really need an expert opinion. So I'm thinking of having a contractor accompany us to see the house again. This time through a professional's eyes, knowing full well that we intend to do as MUCH as we can ourselves but assessing would we absolutely need to be done by professionals.

Do you think that's a good idea? This pre-purchase consult is weighing heavy in our decision to put a contract on the house.

So here's the house again

I surely wish I had more photos.. *sigh*

As I was doing my walk through, I could just imagine our first Christmas at this house, complete with a HUGE tree in the foyer and a cracking fire going in the living room.

I couldn't stop smiling as I looked at the bare kitchen and imagined my dream kitchen, with white cabinetry, Viking 48" range and glass door Sub Z...  like this:

 or this:
courtesy of Willow Decor

I gazed lovingly at the sizable Butler's Pantry and saw all of my pretty serveware and fancy entertaining essentials. Like this:
courtesy of Willow Decor

The house also has a parlor, y'all! I would love to have something like this:

As I ventured up the staircase, I mused how excellent it will look once that atrocious orange carpet was removed and it has been sanded and stained a deep, rich ebony (sans carpet). Like this:

I was giddy with glee when I saw that all 3 of the full bathrooms have clawfoot tubs big enough for two... what romantic nights to be had.

From the 7 bedrooms, I could see a wall being removed to create a sumptuous master suite complete with sitting area.

And perhaps a darling nursery...

Ahhhhh.. gotta love cyber decorating.

*Sorry for lack of credits/sources, if any of these photos are yours, please let me know so I may credit you or remove, if you so wish*


Dayka (Life +Style) said...

i LOVE that house! so much potential . . . .

if you guys haven't already, i would walk through and make a list of everything you would want to update/change/remove BEFORE you bring the contractor, this way you can give him your ideas and not hear him talk about his. somethings, like the bedroom wall, could be done over time since you have 7 bedrooms (lucky girl!! i'm thinking you need a dressing ROOM!). if the bathrooms and kitchen are totally awful, it might be the first thing to get done.

i kind of like that all of the trim hasn't been painted white, even though i love white trim. it definitely keep is authentic to the era. (sorry this is so long!)

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Dayka!

Thanks so much for your input. I totally agree that we should note all of our ideas first so we don't get sidetracked with all of his.

You made an excellent point of determining what needs to be done now, definitely kitchen and bathrooms and what can wait, the removal of the wall.. We want to use our money wisely and we will be in the house a good long while so we should enjoy the journey and work as we go along.

I think you're right, I DO need a dressing room. lol

Thank you again for helping my perspective!

a-typical siemese said...

in my opinion, i think that dayka is correct in her assessment, bathroom and kitchen first, then get to each room in time. my parents bought a home in 1980 that was a true fixer-upper,and over the years bit by bit they have made it their dream home. and the bones they had to work with were under wood paneling and drop ceiling. so you are ahead of that curve with this house.

i look at the pictures of this house that you are in love with and see all that can be done. i would love the opportunity to get a piece of property like that. i would be a home depot, lowe's and every other home improvement store getting paint, drywall, stain for those BEAUTIFUL wood floors.

girl, go for it! and make this all you have ever dreamed of.

might i ask where this lovely edifice is?

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi A-Typical!

Thanks for stopping by!! Yes, if we get this house (fingers crossed), I may even get a part time job at Home Depot!! LOL

I've got it so bad, we only watch HGTV and DIY Network at my house. Needless to say, company has stopping coming over. hahahahaha

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Oh my!! Love all of those pictures!! You have great taste girl! :)

I agree with the kitchen first! We spend a lot of time in our kitchen so I would want it to be done quickly then we could work on the rest. I get so excited reading your blog! It's like I'm house hunting all over again!