Wednesday, May 19, 2010


If we purchase the "Dreamy" house, we will have to tackle alot of issues and one that has been on my mind constantly is the bathrooms. While they have these great clawfoot tubs, they have sinks in the corner of the bathroom.. with no vanity or storage and no mirror. Weird.

So, I went to trusty Google to see a design, any design that this would work. During my initial search I came up with this:
While it looks ok (just OK) for maybe a small powder room, I'm thinking not so much for a full bath.
Again, no storage and the mirror, askew like that.. nope, don't like it. AND you can barely fit a bar of soap on it, although you can easily remedy that with this super cute soap and towel holder:

It still leaves alot to be desired.

Does anyone have a photo of a nice bathroom design with a corner sink? Or should I just ready myself to pay to have the plumbing moved to accommodate another sink location?

Bright side is, the pedestal sink is really darling and it's available at Walmart.


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

It is weird for a sink to be in the corner? Unless, the space is so small that it calls for that, then it shouldn't have been a bath or powder in the first place.I really don't even know why they make such things. Why not find a small wall mount sink?

P.S. I love this... said...

I know, it's so

There hasn't been any changes to the house in a very long time.. maybe it's a historical thing. I have no clue but I will have to look into alternatives.

Leah said...

Our master bath has the same problem where we just have two pedestal sinks and hardly no storage. Before we moved in I was freaking out about it, but after living here almost two years it has been fine. I just use my top dresser drawer for my toiletry stuff and it has been great. Hope you find a solution! Great blog btw!