Friday, May 7, 2010

On To The Next One

I feel that the Jay Z song, "On to The Next One" will be our mantra in this house hunting adventure. The house that the Hubs and I just adored is under contract!!! BOOOOOOOOOO!

So, of course, we have to charge it to the real estate game and know that we have to be a wee bit more aggressive when we find another home that we really like. And maybe find another realtor, as the one we have took TWO WEEKS to get back to us regarding our inquiry of the house that is now under contract. UGH!

I'm not one to wallow and quickly found two other homes that are very charming and has that "homey" feel we are looking for.

House One:

House Two:

So clearing someone has been watching HGTV and someone hasn't. But it's ok because I can work with almost anything.

In House 1, I love all of the original molding and trim work. The coffered ceiling and the columns to both the dining and living rooms, I DIE!! The house needs a serious cleaning and paint, which the owners should take care of, hello HGTV.... but I digress.

House 2, its so bright and that I love immediately. The exterior has serious curb appeal, which I ADORE!! Again, I would still paint it grey with with trim because I'm not too keen on a brown house.

Our plan is to see these homes as well as 5 others next Saturday. This weekend was a total bust, for us as well as the realtor. So hopefully there will be no contracts written until we get to see them.


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Wow!! Those are beautiful as well!!! Good luck on your house hunt! I remember when we were hunting for ours, it seemed neverending! There was always something happening with each house that prevented us from buying it. Just be patient, the perfect thing will come to you and everything will work out great with it! :)

CASA BRASI said...

I'm totally in agreement with you that a new real estate agent could be in order. TWO WEEKS is ridiculous. When we found our house, we put an offer in that day. I can't believe they made you wait that long!

Loving your new house pics. Good luck with house hunting!